Rihard Jakopič Honorable Mention

Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
April 12, 2017

Named after Rihard Jakopič an important Slovene impressionist painter, the Rihard Jakopič Award is the highest award in the field of fine arts in Slovenia. The Prize and Honorable Mentions are awarded by the Association of Slovene Fine Artists Societies, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Moderna galerija and the Slovene Association of Art Critics.

The recipient of the 2017 Rihard Jakopič award for life achievement is an academic painter, Marjan Gumilar. The recipients of the 2017 Rihard Jakopič honorary mentions are artists of the younger generation for their achievements in individual projects in the field of contemporary art. The recipients are academic sculptor Tomaž Furlan and multidisciplinary artist Tanja Lažetič.

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