Photo: Dejan Habicht

Ljubljana (SI), 2015
Metal, wood, paper
50x5x40 cm
Courtesy of the Artist


I created the following piece in a new form. As my storage facilities are filled and recyclable material is becoming harder to acquire, I decided to use a smaller format. This was the first time I created a ‘painting’. Wear XX is an artwork that works best when attached to a wall, and yet it preserves the necessary kinetics and the need to propel oneself by work. I wanted to avoid electronic elements and preserve the mobility of the painting. I assembled a manual screen that was made from a hammer, collage, two rolls, four pullies, a shoelace and a kitschy frame.

By rotating the hammer, which uses the shoelace to move the pullies and rolls, the paper collage moves in a circular motion, which makes an image of me, dressed as a ballerina, dance. The position of the artist is criticised through the interactive function of the work. The gallery visitor propels the work and the artist.