Video performance Wear XV

Photo: Robert Ograjenšek
Photo: Rochechouart Museum of Contemporary Art
Photo: Robert Ograjenšek

Ljubljana (SI), 2013
Metal, wood, plastic
240x80x80 cm
Video performance 4’14’’
Courtesy of the Artist


Following my return from the USA I was given the opportunity to exhibit in the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova in Ljubljana, within the frame of U3, the seventh triannual of Contemporary Art in Slovenia. On this occasion the video performance was placed into the background. This can be noticed already in the way it was made, for it was filmed in the same space as the work was exhibited.

Once again, the camera was static and the picture was clean, not improvised. The focus lay on the machine Wear XV, which is in its basic design a wooden sofa, created from waste materials: an old school desk, a bed and other iron waste. The armrests are equipped with handles, which are used in a similar way as oars. The oars are tied to a mechanism, which moves a pipe with a few coins in it at the back of the sofa. When somebody is skilfully rowing, money trickles down the pipe. The trickling of money which is the result of rowing in a comfortable position, addresses the social position of the individual within society. It reveals the comfort of an individual who pulls the strings as well as indicates the capability of the individual, for he must row correctly for the machine to work.