Video performance Wear XIV

Photo: Robert Ograjenšek

Ljubljana (SI), 2012
Metal, wood, plastic
80x70x190 cm
Video performance 2’28’’
Courtesy of the GENERALI Art Collection


In harmony with interactive creativity I created the video performance Wear XIV in cooperation with a professional video director, which had a great influence on the final product. The machine was created from old doors, carrying the sign TOILET. I drilled a hole, the size of a palm, into the door. Next to the hole I attached a shelf with a spoon. I placed a spinning wheel with slats between the spoon and the opening. The machine needs to be operated by two people: the first stands in front of the door and tries to reach the spoon through the hole, while the other stands behind the door spinning the spindle and making it impossible for the first to grab hold of the spoon. The interaction establishes a co-dependency, which is defined and at the same time separated by the toilet door. The writing on the door is on the side of the one spinning the wheel. This was also the first time that I added a narrower interpretation frame to the video performance, for when the video performance is nearing its end, the attempts to reach the spoon stop, and the spindle that prevents these attempts brakes.

I created the soundscape with the music taken from Luc Besson’s film Fifth Element. All of the visitor’s attention was directed at the machine, the banality of its use and the symbolism that it represents.

Wear XIV had importantly contributed to the future development of the series in two aspects: once again I could check and confirm the methodological twist of the focus of artistic production, and as the winner of the OHO Group award it paved my way to a two-month residency in New York.