Video performance Wear XII

Photo: Rochechouart Museum of Contemporary Art
Photo: video still

Ljubljana (SI), 2012
Metal, plastic
300x90x110 cm
Video performance 4’08’’
Courtesy of the Artist


The idea for the next piece in the series was adjusted to fit the context in which it was exhibited, which makes it stand out from the other pieces in the series. I positioned my unfinished, absurd machines, which serve as toilet accessories into a space surrounded by marble. The contrast or one could even say conflict is clear to anyone to see. Even though the idea is comprised of a series of machines, the final product is singular. This is the main motif of the industry or factories, which produce a specific logic of grasping what to do, how to operate and how to behave.

The focus was placed on the performative part on the day of the exhibition opening. I could say that I entered the space and appealed to the audience with the video performance in which I attempted to persuade them to perform the artistic act themselves, i.e. get them to create an interpretative performance on the day of the opening of the exhibition.

When the new user is approved by the administrator, the barriers rise, and the cleaning process can start. Firstly, the rotating flowers clean the hands, and then the process continues on the next machine, where the administrator uses the rotating flowers to clean the backside of the user. With this the cleaning process is successfully completed. The last machine rewards the user with a blank stamp.

The soundscape for the video performance was once again taken from Roland Emmerich’s film Patriot, for it addresses the activity of constantly proving that we are more righteous than the righteous.