Video performance Wear XI

Photo: Dejan Habicht
Photo: video still

Ljubljana (SI), 2011
Metal, textile, wood, digital photo frame
200x20x190 cm, 100x20x160 cm
Courtesy of the Artist


In the work Wear XI I used a multimedia installation to create a response to the economic crisis and the mass closure of construction companies. Court cases, thefts of vast amounts of money and all the injustices that happened to me and others during this period, left me with no choice but to express them and include them in history in my own way. The objects in the installation Wear XI are objects that have been reworked into artefacts that address this story.

On the wooden chair there are two worker’s uniforms, protective clothes, which have had a screen with work instructions sown into their sleeves. In this case the skeleton stepped out from the video performance. The video performance serves as a user’s manual, not due to its actual use, but due to its function of spreading the meaning. The screen shows a recording in which I show how to perform the work with a pickaxe and a shovel and I dictate the work tempo. The pickaxe and shovel are placed next to the clothes, which makes the worker’s package complete. I attached a primitive form of handcuffs onto the handles, which can be used to attach the tools to the user’s hands. This stimulates associations of voluntary coercion and entrapment. The installation addresses the relations of power, control and coercion.