Video performance Wear VIII

Ljubljana (SI), 2010
Video performance 4’39’’
Courtesy of the Artist


Wear VIII exists solely as a video performance. The sculpted object was a head attachment for the eye of the camera in combination with numerous boxes with slits, which were a metaphor for a cash register. On their own, the objects did not address anything. In order to understand the message of this project, the activity and the context in which I performed this activity, are of key importance.

The speeded-up tempo, which reduced the potential for the viewer to negatively identify with the idea, also led to many visitors viewing the video performance multiple times. The soundscape that I used in this video performance was taken from Luc Besson’s film Fifth Element, which futuristically depicts an overcrowded world, in which all aspects of life are strictly regulated, relationships remain strictly hierarchical, and the greatest survival battle takes place on the level of employment seeking.

At that time I moved into a semi-finished social flat that I tried to furnish in accordance with my capabilities. This was where I filmed the video performance Wear VIII. This project addressed consumption or the price of life. I placed a camera on my head, so the camera recorded exactly what I saw and the viewer, through the eye of the camera, which was the same as my view, viewed the activities I performed. For every object I used, i.e. opening the water tap, using the stove, taking coffee out of its container, opening the refrigerator, turning on the computer, taking a cigarette out of the packet, using the toilet, etc., I placed money into the slit of the cash register that was attached especially for this purpose. I changed the observers into voyeurs, observing the performer’s intimate space. Home and work are integrated into the system of economy, the eternal routines of reproduction, from which there is no exit, from which it is impossible to hide and which is impossible to avoid. The video performance ends with an unsuccessful attempt at opening the main door of the flat, which emphasised the futility of the described situation.