Photos: Klemen Ilovar

Ljubljana (SI), 2019
Metal, wood, plastic, textile
200x80x200 cm
Courtesy of the Artist



This work is a visual construct of a science fiction story, that I have written years ago and lost. It deals with the influence of institutions and technology on our vision of the future. It introduces the issue of social expansion and the individual’s role in society.

On one of the screens we can follow the story of an individual, who, with the aid of an imaginary almighty institution, builds a DIY spaceship and is launched into space. Alongside this we can see a simulation of the spaceship from recognisable, everyday objects painted in grey. The simplicity of the production shows the attitude towards high technology and multifunctional devices, which are highly respected and should supposedly optimise our lives. The only repayment that the individual owes the institution that has fulfilled his desire for space travel in this fictional adventure, is that he has to regularly report on the activities in space. The second screen repeatedly shows a message which, regardless of our enthusiasm, leads us to conclude that the great future adventure is merely an illusion.

The installation is filled with ideas of technological solutions that could make survival in the empty universe possible, such as cleaning bacteria, recycling waste into food, etc.