Photos: Klemen Ilovar

Ljubljana (SI), 2019
50x1400x2,5 cm
Courtesy of the Artist


Borders exist only in the minds of individuals. Boarders are an artificial construct. The installation is created in the form of a pavement, path or bridge. It is made from crushed stones and shells, gathered on the Croatian coast. By gathering them abroad, bringing them illegally to Slovenia and then using them to create antique terazzo style tiles, I have symbolically indicated the phenomenon of migration, which has and will always exist, just as it does at the present moment. Regardless of whether they are merely on paper, solid or high, borders can always be crossed and in reality, we only set them for ourselves. The work spans throughout the gallery space and encourages the individual not to walk merely along the pavement, but to step over it and cross it, ‘break’ the borders – become a migrant who tears down prejudices and thus overcomes the stereotypical views of the world.