Photo: Nika Gabrovšek
Photo: Klemen Ilovar

Ljubljana (SI), 2019
Concrete, metal, stone, plastic
100x100x110 cm
Courtesy of the Artist


In a Bench, the one that a person can sit down on and rest during a walk or while running on errands, artist plays with meanings, opposites and nonsense.

It is a ‘copy’ of a typical bench found in public spaces such as parks and squares. It appears to be taken from its natural environment and placed into the gallery. It is reminiscent of a ready-made, even though it is not, for in reality it is created so that it – regardless of its limitations – withstands the weight of the visitor. It is made for a single user to sit and rest on. The view from it is unexpected, for there is a screen underneath the bench which is, to make the nonsense even greater, made from stone and thus enables ‘merely’ gazing into a static image. With this I wished to establish a moment of solitude for the individual within the chaos of the everyday urban rhythm.