Artist is on vacation!?

Photo: Božo Rakočević

Solo exhibition, Night Window Display Gallery Pešak, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia

7 September  – 6 October 2019


»Artist way of life« is changing phenomenon in the modern history. Bohemian tired from turpentine and alcohol vapors, activist exhausted from the political and autodestructive practices, artist drained from the poverty and constant chase for the truth, businessman, misunderstood genius or some other form of  obtained identity.

What has a bigger significance? An art or an artist? Is the artist’s lifestyle indicating the value of art?

Can artist existence be the point of view for the artistic content?  Is artist always present as for example Marina Abramović?; is everyone an artist as stated by Joseph Beuys?;  does artist goes to vacation?

Installation “Artist on vacation!?” speaks of the artist 24/7, also when he is not on a pedestal.


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